Game Shows

The Quiz Show

A first class show featuring an Emcee, Hostess, and Scoring technician with life-sized game board. Also includes lock out buzzers and electronic scoring. Perfect for sales meetings team building or just for fun. Optional personalized questions can be added and the team names may be changed for your event needs.

Plinko is great for Casino and Carnival Themes, Grand Openings, School or Trade Show Events, and much more.  Can be customized for your next event. Measures 6' high and 4' wide.

Plinko is great for Casino and Carnival Themes, School or Trade Show Events, Grand Openings and much more. Can be customized for your next event. Measures 6' high and 4' wide.
The Hot Seat

Based on the TV Show, guests get a chance to get in the "Hot Seat." Includes host, lockout buzzers, Power Point presentation with video screen, sound system, music and lifelines. Many upgrades available.

Turn That Letter

Experience the excitement of a live television game show. We supply an Emcee, Hostess and a technician. The letters turn on a 4ft high by 7ft wide backdrop surrounded by rope lights. Included are: THE wheel, sound system, podium, skirted board and music. Solving the puzzle is done by three contestants or three teams.

Funarama Game Show

45 minutes to one hour of fun, relay races, stunts and audience participation. Includes emcee and technician with sound system, music, props and small prizes.

The Feud Game Show

Family or Corporate Show includes: 2 Simple lock-out buzzers for the heads of each family or team. 1 Host or Emcee, 1 assistant and 1 computer technician. High Tech presentation system with general knowledge questions. Our computer technician will follow the game at the event and display the questions on a large video screen. We also provide a microphone, sound system with music and 1 facade for each family or team. Optional: personalized questions available.

Minute To Win it Game Show

What if you had just 60 seconds to complete a task using ordinary household items? This show is great for adults as well as for children. Complete with light up table, host, technician and props.

Wacky Olympics

Custom organized games, contests, stunts, relay races and non-physical activities for any event. This may be done "on stage" or in multiple stations for many groups. Stations can also incorporate interactive or inflatable equipment.

Murder Mystery

A wonderful experience as your guests attempt to solve a professionally scripted Murder Mystery. This can be presented in a 1- 3 hour format, or over a period of 2 or more days, with meals or without. They are performed as interactive events with lots of audience participation that occurs throughout the audience, and can be done without a stage area, with a stage area,or a combination of both. They may be offered with a Murder Mystery or a Mystery with no Murder. Our programs are suitable for Corporate Events, Fundraisers, Private Parties, Associations, and even Picnics, for ten people or one thousand! All of our Shows are designed and customized specifically for each client.

Picnic Activity Directors

Let us spice up your company picnic, or any outdoor event, by organizing every game you've ever seen and a few you've never even heard of. Includes emcee and assistant, small prizes, equipment such as water balloons, potato sacks, eggs, tug-o-war rope and hoola hoops etc

The Just Married Game

Great for couples of all ages. Test your knowledge on how well spouses know each other. Hilarious question will really challenge your partner's wits. Includes host, assistant, small lighting, sound system, and props. 1 hour show.

Name That Price

The show starts out by calling up 4 contestants to bid on an item. Each player must bid as close to the actual retail price without going over. If all contestants overbid then the closest to the actual price wins. That contestant then moves on to play one of the Price is Rights various games. If they win their game they can then compete for the spinning of the money wheel. The show runs approximately 45 minutes to an hour with anywhere from 3-6 final contestants competing for the grand prize. Basic show includes small sound system, microphones, music, dry erase boards for scoring, host, assistant and technician. Sound effects, taken right from the show Large video screen to display items for bidding.