Carnival Theme

Candy Wheel

Everyone young and old just loves to eat candy. Add this wheel and make it into a simple and fun game. Supplies for 100 people, includes an attendant and a matching table.

Plinko Game

Plinko is great for Casino and Carnival Themes, School or Trade Show Events, and much more.  Can be customized for your next event. Measures 6' high and 4' wide.

Mini Golf

9 Challenging holes for young and old.  We supply the clubs, balls, score cards and pencils.  Can be used indoors or outside.

Dollar Booth

In a Plexiglas booth your guests can dive for "play dollars".  This measures 8' high and 4' wide.  

Either use this piece as a Carnival Game or a Photo Cutout.  Measures 6' high and 4' wide.

Dunk Tank

As your special guests sits on top of a 200 gallon water tank, balls are thrown at the target. When the target is hit, it's a real splash!

Tie Dye Shirts or Boxers

Choose either T-Shirts or Boxer shorts and your guests will go home with a very creative souvenir. Staff, supplies and care instructions are included. 

Funnel Cakes

Nice and hot.  Crispy on the outside, soft on the inside.  Served with confectioner's sugar.

Glow in the Dark Cotton Candy

An upscale spin on a Carnival Standard.  The sticks have 7 Different and unique flashing patterns

Ice Cream and Italian Ices

Served in Pre-Packs or Scooped just right for you

Ice Cream Sundae Station

Who can resist a freshly made ice cream sundae? 

Goldfish Racing

Two lanes, two fish and two contestants attempt to race their friends down an 8 foot lane. Using only straws and hot air, there's lots of fun for all ages

Hermit Crab Racing

Great for a tropical party or for any occasion where fun and screaming is allowed. These crustaceans run real fast

Pool Table

Everyone loves to play pool. This 7' table will keep them entertained.

Football Toss

This two minute challenge is great with a sports or a football theme. Requires standard electricity. 

Chalk Wall

Measures 8' high and up to 48' wide. This freestanding unit is great indoors or out and turn everyone into a graffiti artist. A large assortment of chalk is included. Participation from all ages is required and encouraged.

Here is a great way to spread the great artwork.  Add a unique hashtag for Instagram or Facebook

Here is a great way to spread the great artwork.  Add a unique hashtag for Instagram or Facebook

Giant Connect Four

This is the large version of the popular game. Now, everyone in the room can get involved in the action. Can be left unattended (if we are nearby) or with one of our attendants. Great for team building events too.

Giant Chess

You haven't played chess until you've played it full-scale. The game literally takes on a new dimension, as you can view each move from any angle. These giant chess pieces measure 17-25" High, with 10" bases. It will make your next outdoor party a real hit, and it's also great for poolside or beach use

Electronic Basketball

Great for Sports Themes or just plain competitive fun. This electronic game automatically scores each player with a 30 second timer.

Number Wheel

We have either a 30" or 36" Wheel with numbers from 1-30. The table has the cooresponding numbers for the players.

Candy Cart

Roll this in and watch the kids (and adults) attack!! Filled with an assortment of chocolates, fruity and other sweets. All items are pre-wrapped. We supply plain white bags.

Pony Rides

Ever wanted to ride a pony? Well, here's your chance! Fun for the kids of all ages. They can pretend to be a cowboy/cowgirl or just have a really fun ride. It's an experince your child surely wont forget.

Inflatable Rides

From small events to town and school functions... we have an assortment of inflatables.  All are inspected, licensed and insured.

Sports Blaster Pinball Machine

A fun add-on to any kids themed party. Try playing this non electric version of pinball. Turn the knob and out comes one gumball. You must hit the right spot and the machine will give you a second one. Works with tokens.

The Pong Games

For adults only. Pong tournaments and the Corn Hole Game. 

Fun Mirror

Distorts your body like the mirrors in a funhouse.

Temporary Tattoo Artist

Bring out your wild side, for a few days at least.  These are certainly removable and the styles will bring out each guests unique personality.

Variety Performers, Clowns and Jugglers

There is an endless supply of performers that would be happy to make your guests smile.  

Strong Man Photo Cutout

Measuring 6' tall, make your guests appear like the strong man that they would love to be.

Airbrush Artist

Choose from T-Shirts, Boxer Shorts or more.  These works of art will certainly be kept for many years.

Petting Zoo with an assortment of animals

Petting Zoo with an assortment of animals