LGCCC, Form 13 and The State of NJ, Casino Night Fundraiser

The organization must be registered and hold a current registration certificate from the Legalized Games of Chance Control Commission (LGCCC).  (Note: there is an expiration date on the certificate, the event must take place before the certificate expires);
The organization presents provider with a copy of the organization’ current registration certificate;
The organization will receive 4 original notarized copies of Form 13 from Events Plus;
Take the original registration certificate and the Form 13’s to the municipal clerk in the municipality in which the event will take place together with a check for $100 made out the municipality and $100 check made out to the Legalized Games of Chance Control Commission.  A raffle license application will then be prepared;
The governing body of the municipality will vote to approve or disallow the application;
If approved by the governing body, the application is sent by the municipal clerk to the LGCCC together with the $100 check;
If the municipality is not contacted by the LGCCC within 14 days after mailing the application, the municipal clerk may issue the license.

PLEASE ALLOW PLENTY OF TIME FOR THIS PROCESS.  Please be aware that because of the increasing numbers of organizations registering, the registration of a new organization may take 6-8 weeks.  The entire process takes time and there are no provisions in the law for shortcuts in the process.

After the event, the organization is also responsible for filing a report of operations by the 15th of the month following the event.

An application for registering an organization as well as other helpful information may be obtained from the LGCCC website at www.state.nj.us/lps/ca/lgccc.htm or by calling 973-273-8000

How to run a successful NJ Casino Night Fundraiser

The most important thing to remember is to make money. What you charge each guest is up to you, make sure at minimum to cover your costs then increase price per person so that you are guaranteed to make money. The price per person should be based on your total cost divided by the number of people you are expecting. Whatever you charge above this cost would then be your profit.

Other ways to alleviate costs are ad journals and table sponsorship. 
Example: Find a local pizzeria, retail store or even a family wants to sponsor a black jack table with a charge of $200. Then make a table sign showing who has sponsored the table. You can also give them free space in the ad journal if your organization is doing that. If you could get every table sponsored that would alleviate the casino cost and give you that much more of a profit. 

Other ways to make money are 50/50’s, silent auctions, and the selling of play money.
Selling play money at the event: We recommend at the door to give them $100 in play money with their ticket and or entry. This gives them either 20 minimum $5 bets. If you give them only $100 it increases your chances of selling more money at the event. 
In the past, other fundraisers have done the following.
$20 real money equals $100 play money
$40 real money equals $200 play money
$50 real money equal $300 play money

The chip denominations are as follows:
Red chips $5, Green chips  $25, Black chips $100        
Play money only comes in $100 denominations.

Prizes and Prize Redemption:
There are only some items that cannot be given away as prizes (cash and  firearms etc..)
You will have to call the LGCCC at 973-273-8000 to get the complete list of what cannot be auctioned.
Items that are acceptable: Example: tv’s, cd players, gift certificates (not redeemable for cash), baskets, etc…We recommend double sided raffle tickets for the redemption of prizes (we will provide). We also recommend the trade in value as follows: $100 play money for 1 double sided raffle ticket, this will keep the chaos of too many tickets down and hopefully increase the number of guests buying more play money in order to obtain more raffle tickets.

Important things to know: 
1. Sit down dinner’s not recommended, pass around food is the best way to go.
2. The start time of the event should be at least 30 minutes prior to start of casino.
3. Be sure to have a cashier booth or area where guests can redeem chips and tickets