Halloween Theme

Prop Coffin:  Full sized with lid, skeleton, satin lined and red interior light

Plastic Scary Masks: (black light sensitive) 

Assorted Wooden Tombstones: Measuring 3' tall and 2 feet wide, airbrushed, wood,

Spider Web Material: Black light sensitive and measuring about 10' by 10'. Great when used with black lights in a very dark room.

Hanging Plastic Skeleton:  Full sized and 3 Dimensional

Large Inflated Witch about 8' tall.  Lights up at night.

Assorted Animated Figures:  talking heads, etc.-sound activated

Cloth Ghost:  6 Foot tall cloth ghost, free standing.

Black lights, strobe lights, flicker lights, light stands

Scene 8' high and 24' wide, foamcore

                                                                     Witch Cut Out: measures 8' tall and 4' wide.

Custom entranceway or area for a real special effect.  

Put someone inside and let them scream!!